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The University of Trento (UNITN) was founded about 50 years ago, on the basis of a scientific and organizational project which was unprecedented in the history of Italy. From its very beginning, it has always been protective towards its academic freedom and it has always been engaged in the development of the local community which hosts and supports the University itself. Over a few decades it has been able to conquer the highest positions in the Italian university rankings. Italy’s official educational survey, CENSIS, has ranked the University of Trento as first among the medium universities in Italy. Researchers involved in the CIVIS project belong to the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI). Established in 2001, DISI represents a world-class assembly of researchers and institutions. UNITN is in charge of the coordination of the CIVIS project and also is responsible for several tasks among all the WP.

University of Trento:

Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science: