Santer Reply S.p.A, a subsidiary of Reply S.p.A, has been operating since 2002 in the private and public healthcare market. In February 2009 Santer Reply acquired the Motorola R&D centre in Turin, extending competences to hardware and embedded software that enable innovation in the Internet of Things. In June 2011, the R&D engineering group unveiled HI REPLY platform, a services, devices and middleware platform able to exchange information between networked devices for automation of mission-critical processes. Today, Santer Reply is currently partner of several FP7 and CIP/PSP projects, national and regional research programs with a wide cooperation networks of universities, SMEs, public bodies and industrial partners.

In CIVIS, Santer Reply will lead WP4 and in particular the integration and deployment of the ICT infrastructure enabling the collection of relevant energy consumption data from the communities involved in the pilot sites, processing them and making available for analysis, forecasting and becoming drivers for social innovation and behavioural change actions for energy optimization.