IST description
Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) was created in Lisbon (Portugal) in 1911, and it is currently the Engineering School of the Technical University of Lisbon. In the last few years, IST has played an important role in R&D projects at international level, mainly in Europe. At national level, IST is involved in many different research projects together with Public Institutions and Industry.

The Centre of Energy and Fluid Mechanics is a research group of the Mechanical Engineering Department of IST and together with fundamental research in combustion – modelling and experimental work – the Centre has been active in energy issues namely, feasibility studies for renewable energy sources penetration, energy efficiency improvement, energy systems for developing countries and capacity building in sustainable energy issues.

Role within CIVIS project
IST will contribute to WP8 where it will be in charge of scientific activities and in WP5 where it will work on improving the way on how information of energy issues arrives to the consumers. It will also contribute to WP1 in the tasks related to the analysis of energy users’ profile and in WP2 working with KIT in the energy modeling of test beds and in the development of recommendations to the test beds.