Fondazione Bruno Kessler was founded on March 1st 2007. It is a non- profit body with a public interest mission having private law status and inheriting the history of Istituto Trentino di Cultura (ITC was founded in 1962 by the Autonomous Province of Trento). Scientific excellence and innovation as well as technology transfer to companies and public services are Fondazione Bruno Kessler's main objectives. In its areas of competence, FBK collaborates with the main actors in global research and works in accordance with European Union Programs. In FP7 FBK has coordinated 12 projects and has participated in more than 40 as a partner. Research activities are carried out in scientific and technological areas (FBK-irst) and in human sciences.

FBK will contribute in the project through its ARES Research Unit. The ARES (Applied Research on Energy Systems) is an Innovation Unit within the Center for Materials and Microsystems - CMM. The ARES unit is running a full programme of research and development of energy systems integrated in nano-to-micro grids for distributed level applications. Several funded projects are focused on poly-generation and storage of energy from renewable sources. The topic of energy and system integration within small-grids has been part of several FP7 and local funded projects (e.g. Di-GeSPo, EDEN, Innovation Radar).