Hammarby Sjöstad Fårdala

In order to get deeper insight into the Stockholm test site a visit was organized on May 27th for the CIVIS partners. The visit, organized by KTH, was attended by representatives from UNITN, FBK, KIT, TNO and REPLY and started with Hammarby Sjöstad at the Glashusett, the information centre in Hammarby.

Mr. Björn Cederqvist, from the City of Stockholm, presented the project addressing the history of the area and the various innovative systems implemented in the area. He presented the transformation of the area from a brownfield to one of the leading environmental urban development projects. This intervention was followed by a presentation by Mr. Allan Larsson, the head of the tenants initiative HS2020.
HS2020 is a bottom up initiative with several projects aiming to further improve the energy efficiency and environmental focus in the area. This project is one of the main partners from Hammarby Sjöstad for CIVIS and focuses on different aspects, from improving energy efficiency in buildings, increasing the share of electric vehicle and transformation of transportation sector to increasing cultural activities in the area.