Storo San Lorenzo in Banale

On April 29th a group of CIVIS Consortium partners had the pleasure to visit the two Italian pilot sites – the municipalities of Storo and San Lorenzo in Banale – located in Trentino Alto-Adige and to meet some of the key local stakeholders.

The visit had a twofold goal – to introduce local stakeholders to some of the CIVIS Consortium partners with whom they will cooperate during the forthcoming months and to let CIVIS partners get a concrete sense of the local conditions of the pilot sites, in terms of their energy infrastructures, socio-economic and urban characteristics.
Representatives from KTH, REPLY, KIT, FBK and UNITN participated to this full day pilot sites inspection and got to know the Chairmen of the electrical consortia (Mr. Dario Ravagni for CEIS and Mr. Emilio Cuomo for CEdiS), the Deputy Mayor of San Lorenzo in Banale Mr. Stefano Bonetti, the Mayor of Storo Mr. Vigilio Giovanelli and the Council Member for energy affairs of Storo Mr. Dario Luzzani.