Storo, Municipality

Storo is a municipality, with an approximate population of 2800 inhabitants, that is part of the Giudicarie Community Valley local government, in the Province of Trento. Storo is 70km apart from Trento and 50km from San Lorenzo in Banale. The municipality is located at 400mt above the sea level and it covers an area of 63km2. Concerning electricity, Storo is served by the Electrical Consortium of Storo (CEdiS): a Cooperative founded in 1904 in the lower Chiese Valley with the aim to produce and distribute electricity in the municipalities of Storo, Ledro and Bondone. CEdiS produces electricity using renewable sources (hydropower plant and photovoltaic) that is sold to the local families (Cooperative members) with a discount of roughly 20% compared to the market price. Furthermore, the consortium also provides broadband connectivity by means of fiber-optic network . For what concerns thermal distribution, Storo avails itself of methane grid through Trenta.

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