San Lorenzo in Banale, Municipality

San Lorenzo in Banale is a municipality, with an approximate population of 1100 inhabitants, that is part of the Giudicarie Community Valley local government, in the Province of Trento. San Lorenzo is 37km apart from Trento and 50km from Storo. The municipality is located at 800mt above the sea level and it covers an area of 62km2. It is also one of the main access points to the Natural Park Adamello Brenta (largest natural park in Trentino), in the Dolomites.
Concerning electricity, San Lorenzo is served by the Industrial Electrical Consortium of Stenico (CEIS): a local based Cooperative institution founded in 1905 and participated by individuals with the aim to support the local territory in managing energy services, particularly the production, distribution and management of electrical energy, within the same community and among participating and supporting parts. CEIS produces electricity using renewable sources (hydropower plant and photovoltaic) and ensure reduction in the cost of electricity compared to the national rate, for the internal market, in variable amount up to 4 cents/kWh.

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